We provide a complete administration and accounting solution, providing both the staff and IT software for an agreed fixed monthly cost.

  • Billing:

    Without a doubt billing is not a simple process in the Aged Residential Care sector.
    From mandated rates that change every year; new contracts with different rates; WINZ super and benefits to specific ACC support packages and, of course, private fees billing – it is never simple!
    Knowing who to bill on a timely manner is key to getting paid for the services you provide. Let us do the work for you!
    We handle all billing, including agency, private fees and comfort funds; receipting; send out monthly invoices and statements, both private and agency centrally.
    We provide you with regular reporting of all aged debt, including detailed debt by resident by funder type to allow speedy collection of any funds due.

  • Staffing:

    How much time does it take to roster staff?
    How do you track staff qualifications and VISAs?
    How long does it take to roster staff? Make shift swaps for sick staff?
    How long does it take you to approve time worked and how confident are you this is 100% correct?

    Let us take the hassle of managing this and more with a complete solution that starts with effective rostering; facial recognition scanning to start and end shifts; simple shift swapping and time sheet approval to accurate, timely payroll processing including award interpretation.
    Use the software to do more - track contractors on site; quickly do contact tracing and reach the right staff in case of an outbreak of infectious illness and more!

  • Payables:

    Simple and automated payables processing takes the hassle of printing, signing and coding supplier invoices; and manual data entry.
    Approve invoices electronically and send in for payment. That is it!
    We do the rest!

  • Monthly and Annual Reporting:

    Knowing how your business is doing is key to being able to resolve any issues before they become a problem.
    It all starts with an annual Budget that is relevant and will help you manage costs well, not just gather dust. We then Recast this monthly for your actual occupancy so you can really focus on cost control.
    Regular occupancy reporting; monthly Profit and Loss Reports against Budget and Recast Budget; Balance Sheet Reconciliations, we will provide you with the reports you need to manage your home well.
    The monthly review call with a Chartered Accountant, with knowledge of the industry, is key in helping you and included in our package.

  • Accounting:

    Accounting and administration IS our core business, it does not have to be yours as well!
    We provide you the information, tools, reporting and advice to take the hassle of administration and accounting; allowing you to focus on what you do best to look after your residents and staff!